A–J. 3D-reconstruction of ‡Amphientomum knorrei sp. nov. A. Labrum in anterior view; B. Labrum in posterior view; C. Mandibles in anterior view; D. Mandibles in posterior view; E. Maxillary palps, top left palp, bottom right palp, numbers indicate palp article; F. Laciniae in anterior view; G. Sitophore; H. Salivary sclerites in anterior (right) and posterior (left) view; I. Tentorium in dorsal view; J. Labium in anterior (left) and posterior (right) view. Abbreviations: asmd = anterior socket of mandible, asas = apodeme of salivary sclerite, ata = anterior tentorial arm, ct = corpotentorium, dta = dorsal tentorial arm, eptf = epipharyngeal transverse fold, gl = glossae, inc1/2 = incisivi 1 and 2, lap1/2 = labial palp article 1 and 2, lfsas = longitudinal furrow of salivary sclerite, mdce = mandibular cutting edge, mesit = median extension of sitophore, mo = mola, mor = mortar, mot = molar tooth, pcmd = posterior condyle of mandible, pgl = paraglossa, pmdt = proximal mandibular tooth, pta = posterior tentorial arm.

  Part of: Boudinot BE, Bock BL, Weingardt M, Tröger D, Batelka J, LI D, Richter A, Pohl H, Moosdorf OTD, Jandausch K, Hammel JU, Beutel RG (2024) Et latet et lucet: Discoveries from the Phyletisches Museum amber and copal collection in Jena, Germany. Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 71(1): 111-176. https://doi.org/10.3897/dez.71.112433