A–I. Schematized drawings of all available fore- and hindwings of Amphientomum species from the literature and of ‡Amphientomum knorrei sp. nov. (Amphientomidae: Amphientominae) preserved in piece PMJ Pa 5809. The same scale bar was used for B–I. A. ‡Am. knorrei sp. nov., female; B. †Am. colpolepis; C. †Am. paradoxum, female; D. †Am. parisiense; E. Am. acuminatum; F. Am. annulicorne, female; G. Am. annulitibia, male; H. Am. dimorphum, female; I. Am. dimorphum, male. Figures modified from the following: B, C after Enderlein (1911); D after Nel et al. (2005); E after Smithers (1964); F, H, I after Badonnel (1967); G after Smithers (1999).

  Part of: Boudinot BE, Bock BL, Weingardt M, Tröger D, Batelka J, LI D, Richter A, Pohl H, Moosdorf OTD, Jandausch K, Hammel JU, Beutel RG (2024) Et latet et lucet: Discoveries from the Phyletisches Museum amber and copal collection in Jena, Germany. Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 71(1): 111-176. https://doi.org/10.3897/dez.71.112433