Biology of Cycreon floricola sp. n. A–B – alive specimens of C. floricola borneanus in the inflorescence of Schottarum sarikeense at Sebankoi Recreational Park, Betong, Roban, Sarawak in January 2010 (photo by S.-Y. Wong). C–E – safranine-dyed gut content of C. floricola borneanus collected from Schismatoglottis calyptrata complex in Tawau Hills, Kebun Botani on 8th July 2016 (collecting event AR-2659). F–I – examples of aroid plants on which the species were collected (F – Alocasia longiloba; G – Schismatoglottis giamensis; H–I – Ooia glans).

  Part of: Arriaga-Varela E, Wong SY, Kirejtshuk A, Fikácek M (2018) Review of the flower-inhabiting water scavenger beetle genus Cycreon (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae), with descriptions of new species and comments on its biology. Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 65(1): 99-115.