Ventral view of thorax and additional diagnostic characters of eastern Palaearctic and Oriental genera of the Megasternini. A–C. Ventral view: A. Pseudocercyon andrewesi. B. Cercyon sp. C. Gillisius madurensis, holotype. D–H. Other characters: D. Cryptopleurum coomani, mentum. E. Emmidolium excavatum, pronotum. F. Bolbonotum sp., base of elytra. G. Kahanga inconspicua, holotype, base of elytra. H. Australocyon sp. (A. pilocnemoides group), hind femur.

  Part of: Jia F, Liang Z, Fikáček M (2020) A review of Himalcercyon stat. nov., with description of a new species from the Chinese Himalaya and an updated key to Asian genera of Megasternini (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae). Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 67(1): 35-49.