Bayesian phylogeny of selected Tomares sequences based on combined data (COI + EF-1α). Values above branches are bootstrap support obtained under Parsimony and Likelihood criteria for each node, and values below branches are Bayesian posterior probabilities. Images: 1) ballus wth013 Morocco, 2) ballus wth055 Spain, 3) mauritanicus wth017 Morocco, 4) fedtchenkoi wth020 Kyrgyzstan, 5) callimachus callimachus wth051 Azerbaijan, 6) callimachus hafis wth053 Iran, 7) desinens wth042 Iran, 8) dobrogensis wth080 Crimea, 9) nogelii zma153 Turkey, 10) nesimachus wth065 Syria, 11) romanovi obscura zma161 Turkey, 12) romanovi cachetinus zma146 Azerbaijan, 13) romanovi romanovi wth010 Armenia, 14) telemachus wth005 Turkmenistan.

  Part of: Nazari V, ten Hagen W (2020) Molecular taxonomy of Tomares hairstreaks (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae, Theclinae). Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 67(1): 19-33.