Balticeler kerneggeri gen. nov., sp. nov., light microscopic images of the holotype (coll. Kernegger 235; 1–3), paratype 1 (OSAC 000-2900006; 4), paratype 2 (coll. Groehn 8234; 5–7); the enclosed photographs in 3–5 show the general view of the respective amber pieces, with arrows pointing to the respective location of the carabid fossil. 1. Frontolateral view of the fossil specimen. 2. Posterolateral view of the fossil specimen (the arrows point to the two setae on left side of abdominal segment VII). 3–5. Dorsal (3, 4) respectively left dorsolateral view (5) of the fossil specimens. 6. Head, left dorsolateral view (the white arrows point to the insertions of the four clypeal setae). 7. Right protarsomeres and anterior part of tibia with antenna cleaner, anterior surface. Abbreviations: a1–a4 – antennomeres 1–4; ant –antenna; as – protibial anterior spur; cs – clip setae of antenna cleaner; el-l – left elytron; el-r – right elytron; hw – hind wing; ls – pronotal lateral seta; pr – pronotum; ps – protibial posterior spur; s1, s8 – 1st resp. 8th elytral stria; sas – subapical seta of elytra; sos –supraorbital seta.

  Part of: Schmidt J, Scholz S, Maddison DR (2021) Balticeler kerneggeri gen. nov., sp. nov., an enigmatic Baltic amber fossil of the ground beetle subfamily Trechinae (Coleoptera, Carabidae). Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 68(1): 207-224.