Representative phylogenetic inferences of cockroaches based on various data and methods. McKittrick (1964) and McKittrick and Mackerras (1965): female and male genitalia, proventriculus and oviposition behaviour; discussion. Roth (1970): oothecal rotation; discussion. Klass and Meier (2006): male genitalia, accompanied by ethology etc.; parsimony. Wang et al. (2017): gene fragments (three mitochondrial and two nuclear), incorporating the data from Djernæs et al. (2015) and others; maximum likelihood. Bourguignon et al. (2018): mitogenome; maximum likelihood and Bayesian. Evangelista et al. (2019): transcriptome; maximum likelihood. Taxa are shown in currently recognized rank instead of original designation. Branches in orange, Blaberoidea; in green, Corydioidea; in purple, Blattoidea. Asterisk, paraphyly.

  Part of: Li X-R (2022) Phylogeny and age of cockroaches: a reanalysis of mitogenomes with selective fossil calibrations. Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 69(1): 1-18.