Phylogenetic trees showing the relationships of five species of Japanese Xanthopimpla (X. clavata, X. yoshimurai sp. nov., X. trias, X. naenia and X. niponensis sp. nov.) See Table 1 for locality of each specimen. Two trees, based on aligned (A.) 28S rRNA and (B.) COI sequences by the Maximum Likelihood (ML) and Bayesian Inference are shown. The numerals at nodes show the bootstrap values (70% and more) in ML and posterior probabilities in the Bayesian approach.

  Part of: Watanabe K, Matsumoto R (2021) Revision of the genus Xanthopimpla Saussure, 1892 (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Pimplinae) from Japan. Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 68(2): 269-297.