Dolerus fumosus Stephens, 1835 and D. sanguinicollis (Klug, 1818). A. D. fumosus head dorsal; B. D. sanguinicollis head dorsal; C. D. fumosus ovipositor; D. D. sanguinicollis ovipositor; E. D. fumosus penis valve; F. D. sanguinicollis penis valve. G. D. fumosus katepimeron (arrow); H. D. sanguinicollis katepimeron (arrow); I. Dolerus lucens André, paralectotype ♂, label probably written by André.

  Part of: Liston A, Mutanen M, Heidemaa M, Blank SM, Kiljunen N, Taeger A, Viitasaari M, Vikberg V, Wutke S, Prous M (2022) Taxonomy and nomenclature of some Fennoscandian Sawflies, with descriptions of two new species (Hymenoptera, Symphyta). Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 69(2): 151-218.