Eudamus jalapus Plötz, 1881. a–c. Lectotype of E. jalapus, currently in the genus Cecropterus, specimen number 4970 in MfN, designated in this work: a. Dorsal view; b. Ventral view; c. Labels; d–f. Godman’s copy of the unpublished Plötz’s drawing of E. jalapus: d. Enlarged drawing to scale with specimen images (dorsal/ventral, left/right); e. Segment of a page with the drawing; f. Enlarged caption of the drawing. All images are to scale, except e. Photographs d–f. (by N.V.G.) are Copyright of the Trustees of the Natural History Museum London and are made available under Creative Commons License 4.0 (

  Part of: Zhang J, Cong Q, Song L, Shen J, Léger T, Lamas G, Mielke OHH, Grishin NV (2023) Resolving inconsistencies between Plötz’s descriptions and presumed type specimens of some Hesperiidae (Lepidoptera). Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 70(1): 159-174.