Habitus of Gonatoxia species. A, B. Male (A) and female (B) of G. maculata, Rau forest Kilimanjaro. Male with maculae on tegmina, female (B) showing the bright yellow tergites of abdomen, typical for all Gonatoxia species. C. Female G. immaculata, Kazimzumbwi Forest Reserve, Kisarawe near Dar es Salaam D. Female G. furcata sp. n., lowland forest Udzungwa Mountains, Morogoro District, Tanzania.

  Part of: Hemp C, Heller K, Warchalowska-Sliwa E, Hemp A (2016) Spotted males, uniform females and the lowest chromosome number in Tettigoniids recorded: Review of the genus Gonatoxia Karsch (Orthoptera, Phaneropterinae). Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 63(2): 271-286. https://doi.org/10.3897/dez.63.10799