In July, sunny Nevada welcomes the 10th Int’l Congress of the North American Dipterists Society

17 May 2023

From 16th to 21st July 2023, participants will have the opportunity to hear about the latest research into dipteran morphology, phylogenomics, pollinators, survey and conservation, and many more at the 10th International Congress of Dipterology (ICDX), organized and hosted by the North American Dipterists Society in sunny Reno, Nevada, USA.

ICDX will provide a forum for professionals in the field of dipterology to exchange their latest findings and advancements. Attendees from all corners of the globe will have the opportunity to present their discoveries and insights on the biodiversity and biology of dipterans.

You can still register for the ICDX Congress here until June 15th 2023.

Pensoft is delighted to be one of the sponsors of the congress and invites all participants to explore the publisher’s extensive range of journals, covering diverse fields within entomology including systematics, taxonomy, ecology, conservation, biology and much more! 

Conference symposia:

  • Advances in Afrotropical Dipterology
  • Advances in Diptera Palaeontology
  • Advances in lower Brachycera systematics and taxonomy
  • Biology, Ecology and Development of Management Strategies for Biting Flies
  • Calyptrate systematics and diversity
  • Diptera morphology
  • Diptera Phylogenomics
  • Diptera Pollinators
  • Dipterology in Forensic Entomology
  • Quaternary Dipterology: Historical Diptera in Environmental & Archaeological Investigations
  • Taxonomy and phylogeny of Asilidae
  • Tephritoidea of economic importance

…and more!

Find more information about the event, field trips, venue and accommodation on the congress website.
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